Telegram群发消息( detected late as Covid delays screenings, says group

Telegram群(qun)发消息是一个Telegram群组「zu」分享平台。Telegram群发消息导出包括Telegram群发消息、telegram群组索引“yin”、Telegram群组导航{hang}、新加〖jia〗坡telegram群《qun》组〖zu〗、telegram中文群组、telegram群组《zu》(其他‘ta’)、Telegram 美国 群〖qun〗组(zu)、telegram群组“zu”爬虫 chong[、电报群 科学‘xue’上网、小飞《fei》机 怎么 加 群、tg群等内容。Telegram群 qun[发消息为广大电报用户提供各种电〖dian〗报【bao】群组(zu)/电报频道『dao』/电“dian”报机器人‘ren’导航服务{wu}。

,National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) director Dr Murallitharan Munisamy says 40 to 50% of all patients with cancer are diagnosed at a later stage. – EPA pic, June 22, 2022.

THE Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted cancer screening programmes causing Malaysians to be screened at a later stage for the deadly disease, said National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) director Dr Murallitharan Munisamy.

He told The Malaysian Insight this was because hospital resources had been channeled to fight the pandemic in the past two years.



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