apple developer:Summary of business stories March 20-April 4



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,Shell Malaysia appoints Ivan Tan as chairman

Shell Malaysia has appointed Ivan Tan as country chairman effective April 1, succeeding Datuk Iain Lo. Tan will oversee all Shell Malaysia businesses, in addition to his current role as senior vice president and managing director for the upstream business in Malaysia.

Touch ‘n Go enters financial services

Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd (TNG Group) has kicked the e-wallet sector up a notch with the rollout of GO+, a financially inclusive investment product. TNG Digital, the joint venture company between CIMB Group Holdings Bhd's wholly-owned TNG Group and China's Ant Group, is the company behind the Touch 'n Go eWallet. The GO+ product is anchored on the Principal e-Cash Fund, a money market fund managed by Principal Asset Management Bhd.

TNG Digital to close fundraising by mid-2021

TNG Digital Sdn Bhd, the e-wallet joint venture between CIMB Group Holdings Bhd's Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd and China's Ant Group, is looking to close its fundraising exercise by mid-2021. In January, Reuters reported that TNG Digital was in advanced talks with investors to raise US$150mil, which will see CIMB and Ant Group paring down their stakes. CIMB owns 100% of Touch 'n Go, which in turn, owns 51% of TNG Digital. Bank Negara relaxes forex policies

The central bank will be lifting the export conversion rule, which will allow resident exporters to manage their own export conversions according to their foreign exchange cash flow needs. Secondly, exports will be allowed to settle domestic trade in foreign currency with other resident corporates operating in the global supply chain. Exporters will also be allowed to net off export proceeds in its permitted foreign currency obligations as a move to enhance business efficiency and cash flow management for exporters.

Unsold commercial properties worrisome, says Bank Negara

The number of unsold properties has seen a respite amid the government's Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) except for the commercial market, as it remains worrisome amid the new norms. It is about 170,000 units but it has been coming down.

Thai baht takes a hit from touri *** wipeout

A current-account deficit, resurgent US dollar and the seasonal repatriation of dividends by Japanese investors have all helped make the baht the worst-performing currency for Asia's emerging markets for March. But it's the bleak outlook for touri *** that's underlying the weakness, sending the US dollar-baht to nearly a six-month high and ever closer to a test of its four-year downtrend. The more than year-long pandemic has helped erode a key attraction for the baht - the Thai current-account surplus - which has flipped to a deficit for four straight months after six years in the green.





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